Ed Virgilio


Sunday, Sept. 12th (1pm - 4pm)

The Carriage House at The Milleridge Inn
585 N. Broadway, Jericho, N.Y. 11753

Please bring your Hot Rods, Classics, Exotic cars or Motorcycles. Rain or shine.

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I met Ed about 10 years ago when Ric, unexpectedly, took me home to meet his parents. I remember he was at the head of his dining room table sorting through mail. He was warm and welcoming and at least for that once, very much on his best behavior. As he got to know me, he enjoyed teasing or ribbing me often, and even more so, when he realized I could hold my own. Whenever Ric and I were together on Long Island, we made a point of stopping by to see Ed and Louise and go out for a meal together. I was treated like family from the start. I soon discovered that Ed had the best stories and a unique way of telling one. There was always something “extraordinary” or “incredible” that happened. For the most part, they consisted of a series of cliffhangers separated by extra long pauses. It was during these pauses that he diverted his attention to the waiter to request extra breadsticks, or the need to quench a sudden unquenchable thirst, or revisit the dessert menu midway through its telling. What I hadn’t realized, was that Ed didn’t know where or how this story would end any more than I did. His stories were very much like an exercise in creative writing. Big Ed was a colorful character, truly larger than life. His name suited him well for so many reasons. His love of family and friends was as big as he was. Nothing made him happier than sharing his love of cars with his sons. If you earned his respect, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do or share with you. He was genuine, cheerful and happy to see you, all the time. And most definitely, always ready with a good story. I will miss him.

Meg, Bob & Justin

We will always remember on Christmas Eve, Eddie coming to our door saying “Can Bob come out and play?” He had his new ZR-1 Corvette and wanted Bob to drive it. He said “Put the peddle to the metal.” It was like a rocket ship… the fastest car Bob ever was in. Eddie stated ” Chevrolet had built him the best hot rod he had ever owned ! ” What fun it was to watch the exotic vehicles that always appeared at his house. Eddie and his humor will be missed. Our deepest sympathy to Louise, Stephen and Ric. Love, Meg, Bob and Justin

Tom Hayes

Eddie was one of those rare people who made everyone feel welcome when He greeted you with that big warm smile of his. When He spoke to you, He was genuinely interested in what you had to say. I loved when He would tell a joke and belly laugh at the punch line, which made the joke that much funnier. He made the world a better place, and I will miss him. Rest easy, My friend.

Vito Mercurio

Eddie was like a Second Father to me. His words of Advice and Streetsmarts will forever live in my Heart and Mind. I will surely miss him. My Deepest condolences to his Wonderful Family

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